Medical Intuitive Services and Packages

Whether you are visiting my office in person or seeking intuitive counselling from a distance, I’ve designed these packages to allow flexibility in how you position your time and investment. There is no cookie cutter approach. You need clarity about what’s going on with you.  A shift of perception and outlook is is required; a holistic assessment of all aspects of your life.

The daily walk out of your healing can be mapped. This is not just a supplement journey. Healing is about sensibility, awareness and quality, over quantity. Your plan doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to address the deep causal roots of your concerns and be a vibrational match to you .

It is imperative for you have enough information to take on the primary and pivotal role in your own health choices. I can help you breeze through this earning curve. This clarity will give you autonomy in your health and your life.

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The Breakthrough Intuitive Counselling Session

When you need a 'Perception Adjustment'. Re-engage with your life in a fresh, insightful,

When your concerns are as much about your ‘life’ as your ‘body’

This open ended intensive session is going to be more fascinating than you could ever imagine – a deep sorting and re-orienting ‘Perception Adjustment’ process, from your practical physical concerns to the esoteric areas of mind and spirit.

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The Vital Energy Assessment

Includes an Intuitive session, a Specialized Kinesiology/Symptomatology and Electron Frequency Analysis assessment

Office visits or Distance clients

Whether you are visiting my office in person, or are a distance client, this inclusive package is designed to allow maximum flexibility in how you use your investment.

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Vital Energy Treatments

A front end assessment & re-evaluation the end

Daily follow ups daily while on treatment

Treatment sessions are available: 

Half week – 3.5 days

Full Week – 7 days

Half month – 14 days

Full Month – a full 28 days
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All Packages Include:

A follow up series designed to get you up to speed on natural healing

Resources and files chosen specifically for you

Get Lifetime access – to a ‘Members Only’ resource library + weekly newsletter updates

  • Professional Products – drop shipped right to you within 36 hours or less.

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Why Choose Me?

Do you think that you can heal from serious health conditions without using drugs? My healing path started in the winter of 1984. I have not taken any pharmaceutical drug; prescription or over the counter since that time. I was able to resolve chronic health issues with wisdom, insight and natural health solutions.

With an intimate, intelligent insight into your own body-soul personality health history, you will be able to detective your way to an resourced informed outcome.

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What Client’s Say

I now see how limited my previous view of health was and am elated at the breadth of skills I have learned during what was the lowest point of my life. For me, it took a serious illness to find this clarity but it does not need to come to that. Everyone can benefit from expanding their point of view to see the ‘whole’ instead of the ‘segregated’. Doing so can help in health, career, relationships, and understanding of life in general.
Laura W, Business Administration
“After a breakthrough session all the aspects from the spiritual right to cell chemistry are in front of me. I feel capable and empowered to take personal action.”
Patti Robertson, Interior designer, health therapist, mother and grandmother
How can I thank you for such a wonderful gift of the Vital Energy Health Assessment? I have a whole new appreciation and direction to take my health and vitality to make it soar.
If anyone reading this is hesitant to book with Nelda I am here to say “Please don’t delay. There is a reason you are thinking of getting your assessment. Follow your instincts and get the answers.”
Nelda, you are simply amazing and I am honoured by your presence in my life
Donna Rochon , Wellness Consultant
Nelda was a kind and generous force in helping me to overcome reactive arthritis, which is a fancy name for ‘we don’t know what’s wrong with you’. Thanks again! That was a yearlong recovery and you helped me with homeopathics and energy work
Jeremy L, Musician, Cameraman, father

Details of Packages & Services

The Vital Energy Assessment session is in five parts:

  1. A review of your health history – what are your priorities? What holistic aspects of your life are involved?
  2. A lesson about your body/soul’s design – how your body works. (Your doctor doesn’t know this.)
  3. The assessment process – Let’s find out what is going on with you, how and why? What is at the root of it?
  4. The consultation process – is the education piece and outline of the solution – 12 week plan of action: specific and customized for you.
  5. Weekly follow-up emails – support, ongoing education for the full healing cycle of 14 weeks
  • A follow up session- usually at week 5 of your program is recommended
  • In office visits – The Vital Energy Assessment Package: 210.00 + hst where applicable
    This deep assessment starts with an Intuitive Reading, a Specialized Kinesiology and Electron Frequency Analysis assessment.
  • Distance clients – The Vital Energy Assessment Package: 210.00 + hst where applicable
    This deep cellular assessment is done by Electron Frequency Analysis, a phone interview and an Intuitive Reading

*This work is prepaid and requires sending a hair sample by mail. (I will email the details)

*I start with your Electron Frequency Analysis and when complete, we then set a time for the consultation (by phone or Skype)

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The Vital Energy Assessment Packages Also Includes:

  • Bonus E-book – The Coming Down With Something Action List -How to Kick the Cold in 24 hours
  • Bonus – The Vital Energy Handbook/Vital Drainage/Resources and files chosen specifically for you
  • Professional Products – drop shipped right to you within 36 hours or less. Shipping fees apply.
  • 14 Week follow up series – designed to get your resource & knowledge base solid and get you up to speed
  • Lifetime access – to a ‘Members Only’ resource library + weekly newsletter updates

Allow 2 hours for the front end assessment session. Allow an hour for the follow up session (in person/phone/Skype). We have flexibility here.

Sessions extending beyond these parameters – additional time is clocked at 1.30 per minute.

Vital Energy Treatments using Electron Frequency
Includes an initial front end assessment, daily follow ups while on treatment and a re-evaluation at end of your treatment. The is a total package that includes a full nutritional, herbal, flower essence and homeopathic drainage protocol to optimize the benefits of your treatment.

Treatments are able to ease your ‘lock spots’. Your program will address your ongoing program and self-care.

  • Per Week -
  • Includes a daily follow up and check in
  • Bi-monthly – includes a daily follow up and check in
  • Per Month – a continuous intensive intervention over a full 28 days
“You can’t solve a problem using the same consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

*The Breakthrough Intuitive Counselling Session – 299.00 + hst where applicable
Allow 3 hours for this intensive session. Beyond 3 hours, this Intuitive Breakthrough session is priced at 350.00. A 5 hour session is not uncommon.

This relaxed pricing gives you the freedom to focus fully on yourself and what you need, rather than on the clock.
I will lead you through the deep sorting and re-orienting ‘Perception Adjustment’ process.

My extensive and diverse tool kit will help you ‘shift your state’ (when you have lost your way). We will clear the lock-spots so you can re-engage with your life in a fresh, insightful and clear way.

From the practical physical concerns to the esoteric; this intensive session is going to be more fascinating than you could ever imagine.

When your concerns are as much about your ‘life’ as your ‘body’, this package is your best choice.

In a world full of generic info-bites, this will give you information that is as unique as you are

The Breakthrough Counselling Session Package Includes:

  • Bonus E-book – The 14 Sure Signs of Spiritual Stress Workbook
  • Bonus – Resources and articles I will choose specifically for you delivered to you by email
  • Customized outline – of what lifestyle, health program and nutritional supports that will support your healing
  • 14 Week follow up Series – designed to position you properly by providing specific resource & knowledge

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