One day I woke up to the fact that my little girl was not well.

She hadn’t been well for a while.

I noticed that her eyes looked dull. It was like her inner light was going out.

I was really scared.

After seeing thirteen doctors within three months. I was given thirteen different opinions.

None of these opinions made any sense to my mind (rational, systematic, logical)

None of these opinions overlapped in any way

One doctor insisted that she needed tubes in her ears.

One suggested that I was a bad mother.

One suggested that she didn’t really have a problem.

One suggested that it might be a lingering flu virus…

Maybe she needed more antibiotics


I was DESPERATE for something different!

Someone I trusted made a recommendation about a practitioner

That was it! Appointment made

This new world of natural health made sense to me

It made sense that:

Our bodies are designed to be relational!

Our bodies are designed to heal!

Every time I had unanswered questions:

 I did more research, I started correspondence courses

I took workshop training

Much of what I know I have learned from working 1:1 with clients for over 25 years

What about intuition?


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honours the servant

and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

Intuitive insights illuminate how our body’s story fits with our whole story

From this diverse experience I created a system that actually maps

what is going on with people – body, mind and spirit.

I’ve had a request from a reader to finish this story

This is a summary of a 15 year journey:

It took 15 years to untangle the problems

Raging and chronic diaper rash,

ear infections, repeated antibiotics,

constipation, Insomnia, fatigue,

listlessness, poor attention span,

Food allergies, skin rashes,

mild asthma, more ear infections

and endless antibiotics, steroid creams

and no light at the end of the tunnel

What worked:

. I started working with a herbalist/iridologist

. Removed milk, wheat and all dairy from diet

. Supplemented vitamin/minerals, detoxed with chlorophyll

. Worked to clean up liver/bowel, lymph, Eustachian drainage

. Cleaned up residual disbiosis: bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites

. Strengthened nervous system

. Worked constitutionally to strengthen her immune system

I went Into this funnel of (hell) discovery

As a frightened, frantic parent have no resources in natural healing

Then I came through the end as a holistic health professional

This has been my full-time focus and  career for over 30 years.

These are the Questions That Matter

Why, What, Where, How


What can I do About it?

What I learned

Underlying was signs of injury to brain, nervous system and immune system

Immune problems, food allergies

Organ and glandular fatigue

Damage from repeated antibiotics

Deeper problems created from suppression of symptoms

What started the whole mess?

The one thing put everything else into motion

The very first thing that activated a unwanted hyper-immune response

The match to the kindling ~

Her 1980 -1983 vaccine schedule

The whole-cellular Dtap in particular

She did not tolerate this well

Screaming for hours and high fever after every vaccine

I now recognize as a sign of brain swelling

I didn’t see the signs of vaccine injury and kept on vaccinating

Her health kept going down

Then over-all listlessness and a lack of focus that she never got over

It just took me so long to see the co-relation

The #1 Biggest Problem

I didn’t have enough information to make clear health choices;

for myself or my child.

Funny given that I come from a family of nurses and teachers

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