The #1 Unbeatable Remedy for Growing Pains

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by a child crying from pain? I have, and in my early parenting years, I had no knowledge of natural remedies. Other than wringing my hands, emergency care by default was my first and only option, in just about any circumstance.

So what is going on with growing pains, and why?

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What is going on and why?

The mostly likely thing is growing pains. Usually children grow overnight – literally.

If your child is not on a mineral supplement, this may be your wake up call to recognize the need to add good quality nutrition. Growing is what kids are all about.

If your child is already on a good mineral supplement program, this may be a sign that your child is hitting a temporary shortfall in nutrition because the demand of the growth spurt is higher than what is available in the blood.

Go for the good stuff

My all time #1 pick is the Salus Cal Mag (from Flora in Canada). This is the most absorbable and body friendly form of mineral that I know, and I’ve been recommending it for over 26 years.

Cal Mag2

This is the trick to relieve growing pains

Give your child a teaspoon full every few minutes until the pain stops. You may find that at some point your child stops crying, and settles themselves down to sleep.

It is hard to do any harm here. If there is another cause, rest assured that they won’t stop fussing. If low mineral is the cause, you have just saved a night’s sleep.

Increase food Based Calcium

Remember anything that has structure, has more calcium. For example, brussel sprouts have more calcium content than flimsy leaf lettuce.

Nuts, beans and seeds are high in calcium. Just as soaking beans for 8 hours activates the enzymes and makes the beans easier to digest, so is true with nuts and seeds.

Soak organic almonds overnight in pure water. Drain in the morning and eat 6 or so 2x daily.

Soak organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds in pure water for about one hour. Drain and add as a topping to salad or rice. Instead of a dry waxy crunch, you will now have a tender and fresh food crunch.

Avoid the Calcium Bandits

Good mineral levels is not only the calcium we ingest, but the calcium that we deplete.

Nutritionist, Anna Marie Colbin has a published a great deal of research regarding the calcium bandits and their effects over a long period of time.

Acid based foods draw calcium to buffer from our system. Coffee, and sugar and especially carbonated beverages are huge calcium thieves. So it’s not only what we eat, but what we don’t.

Supplement Intelligently

Increase the food based nutrition and eliminate the calcium bandits. Supplement intelligently to unsure supply in times of need.

In the even of a ‘growing pain’ episode, pull the Flora Salus Cal Mag out of the fridge and use it with confidence.

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Disclaimer: All information in this article is for education purposes only. If you have health issues, please contact a reliable and qualified health care provider.
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