The following is an article from a California resident by the name of Landee Crier.

Since she wrote this SB 277, a bill mandating an unlimited vaccine schedule for all children has passed into law.

Landee Writes:

Parental Rights and Freedoms Under Siege

Today we live in a world where parental rights and freedoms are under constant siege. This is quite ostensible in the recent legislation that has been spreading across this country like an infectious disease- legislation to force children to either take a product with known neurotoxins and other toxic chemicals, or be refused their right to an education.

I believe we are in a true health crisis in this country and the administration of vaccines, without full informed consent, has played a huge role in that crisis. We are the most vaccinated country with the most health problems.

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One in six children has a learning disability, cancer is the leading cause of death in our children, one in fifty has autism, and over 54% suffer from some type of chronic illness.

I Once Blindly Trusted the System

I once blindly trusted the system and fully vaccinated my first two children, who were born in 1996 and 1999. The results were chronic ear infections, repeated illnesses which required numerous antibiotics and severe asthma for one of my boys, who wheezed after his 2 months shots.

When I asked his Dr. if the vaccines could make him wheeze, she quickly said no, and gave me a look like a was from outer space. I trusted her as my pediatrician; I had no reason not to.

Even though my gut was telling me something was wrong and seemed to be directly associated with my son’s vaccines, I reluctantly continued to vaccinate, believing I was doing what was right.

What followed was eventually full respiratory distress and an official diagnosis of asthma; a childhood full of hospitalizations, ICU, and chronic upper respiratory problems.

Side Effects Listed on Inserts

I couldn’t believe when I looked at vaccine package inserts that asthma along with many other auto-immune diseases was listed as a side effect of vaccines. I was livid.

My doctor never showed me this information and I distinctly remember asking her for a list of ingredients when my son started having allergies and asthma.

I was treated like a second class citizen for asking questions. I was asked to sign a form stating I understood the risks of not vaccinating. It was the most one-sided thing I had ever seen.

Making the Connection Between Vaccines and Asthma

After making the connection between my son’s asthma and the vaccines, I stopped vaccinating my children and their health improved almost immediately. The ear infections stopped. I took them both to a holistic healthcare practitioner and started repairing some of the damage they had both received via vaccination.

They are now 18 and 16 and have not received a shot or an antibiotic since early childhood; both are thriving and healthy, and straight A students.

A Full Blown Reaction

My third child born in 2006, was completely unvaccinated, for good reason, and had an extremely healthy childhood, with not one ear infection and has never been on an antibiotic. When he was five, he had a horrible accident on his scooter, impaling his cheek with the handlebar.

The ER professionals were relentless and pressured me into getting the Dtap shot because of tetanus. My gut kept telling me no, but I had several medical professionals assuring me he needed the shot.

When I asked if he could get just a tetanus shot, I was told no. At the time, I had not researched this particular illness, and was worried about my son, so I caved.

Within 7 days, he had a large red (extremely hot) bump on his arm at the injection site and could barely raise his arm. I called his pediatrician and the nurse informed me he was having a localized reaction to the vaccine and to put ice on it and watch him.

I Promised to Protect Him

Within 12 hours, his entire body was covered in hives and he said he couldn’t breathe. By the time we got to the ER his throat was closing. He received a shot of steroids, and was placed on oral steroids and Benadryl (both oral and topical) for 10 days. He continued to break out in hives for a full two weeks or more. He also had several more outbreaks that year.

While this was going on, he looked at me one day with his big hazel eyes and said “mommy please don’t ever let me get another vaccine.” I promised him I would protect him and never let him get hurt again if I could help it, and I meant it.

Doing the Research

I started researching heavily about the risks of vaccines after that incident, and have since learned a wealth of information. I harboured guilt for not educating myself before these things happened.

I had read tons of books while pregnant and spent hours studying strollers and car seats to make sure my babies were safe. I breastfed and thought I was doing everything right by them.

I felt I had somehow failed my children by not protecting them from what I now understand to be vaccine damage.

A Desire to Learn

Out of this guilt, grew a true desire to learn about vaccines and to share what I’d learned in order that I could educate parents and give them the information I so desperately wish someone had shared with me.

The desire grew bigger than myself and bigger than my guilt, and became this very loud voice inside me that would not shut up. I know my experiences planted me right where I am for a reason.

I am grateful my children are thriving, but I truly believe it is because I protected them from further vaccine damage.

Not Allowed to Attend School

If these Draconian bills pass, all three of my beautiful, bright, and straight A students will be thrown out of school. They are not sick; they do not harbor disease. They deserve to attend public school.

Children with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, are all contagious, and yet they are allowed to move freely in society and attend schools without question; they play sports, climb the monkey bars, and eat in the cafeteria, etc- all freely. In fact, they are protected from discrimination and confidentiality laws regarding their disease status.

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How can we justify kicking perfectly healthy children out of school because they might catch a rare disease? They are not currently contagious and more than likely will never be.

Separate is not equal and these laws are unconstitutional and need to be fought. The morality of forcing others to inject themselves to “protect” others must be weighed equally against the morality of mandating medical procedures known to cause injury and death to healthy individuals.

Government Pays Out 3.5 Billion

The government has paid out $3.5 BILLION to vaccine injured families, despite dismissing 4 out of 5 cases brought forth by grieving families.

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A society that protects fundamental human rights would never discriminate based on genetic predisposition by mandating a procedure with known risks.

The government has failed to provide rigorous unbiased science on vaccine safety, and thus, the decision to vaccinate must lie with the parent or individual, not the state!

Credible Science and Informed Consent

When we see medicine veering from the Hippocratic Oath, like we’ve seen time and time again in history, we should be alarmed.

The atrocities that have occurred in history behind the guise of “The Greater Good” are far too many to list here, but they are real, they did occur, and they happened at the hands of the US and the doctors who served the state.

We must confront the moral shortcomings in medicine, like vaccinating children without full informed consent, and refusing to provide credible, unbiased science regarding vaccines.

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We Are the Voice of Our Children

We and only we are the voice of our children. They are being crippled by a system that as a whole is profit driven and corporate owned. Not to mention that hundreds of thousands of people die every single year due to preventative medical errors. Where is the legislation for safer medical practice?

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Landee Martin has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Ottawa University Kansas USA, with a focus on research methods. She did social work for about 9 ½ years and was planning to attend law school when she took a fresh turn and started her own business- a 3,000 square foot retail store.

She owned and operated that for about 10 years, and sold it in January 2011. She since has been staying home with her three children and recently launched her website

Landee spends the majority of her time nowadays fighting for the fundamental rights of her children. She’s been happily married for 20 years.

Nelda’s Notes:

There are many stories emerging about the adverse affects of vaccines. Although there is a lot of information in media dismissing these stories, I would suggest that if you want to know what is really going on, just follow the money. The vaccine industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing. It is also the same industry that is pushing GMO’s into our food supply.

The real true foundations of good health will not make anybody rich. But it does make better sense. Just my point of view.

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Bio PicNelda McEwen has been practicing as a Medical Intuitive in SW Ontario for over 25 years; counselling individuals and families, as well as offering her signature ICH training to other Medical Intuitives in the health field. Nelda’s professional research has been acknowledged and published in the Professional Kinesiology Practitioners Manual. The PKP program is recognized through the International Kinesiology College of Zurich Switzerland.