Are you frustrated with the limited menu of medical services?

There is a reason why.


If you are struggling to get well you may be looking in the entirely wrong direction.

Modern medical care is a sickness model through and through.

When I was growing up our health care was strictly medical. When I hit a wall with my daughter’s unexplainable health issues, I was desperate to find a way through.

I’m not knocking the value of this safety net,

but the goal of vibrant health is not in their wheel house.

You are just about drowning in generic advice, and it isn’t helping you. What you need is more depth, more specific, more personal and more focused — not only for the body –but an understanding of the interplay of your mind, your emotions and spirit as well.

“I credit Nelda with my improved health and well-being.

Clearly she has both a wealth of knowledge and a strong intuitive understanding.

Anne Little, Classical Musician, Choir Director, mother

Image of Nelda McEwen

Nelda McEwen has been a practising Medical Intuitive in SW Ontario for over 28 years integrating her background in iridology, specialized kinesiology, holistic nutrition, herbal therapies, homeopathic drainage, flower essence therapy, radionics and electron frequency analysis.  She is a veritable Sherlock Holmes, ‘energetically sorting’ to the hidden root causes of illness that many other therapies overlook.

Insight and practical knowledge combine to give actionable clarity; from the esoteric right down to the cellular. The question is always: what is really going on and what can you do about it?

Nelda’s professional research has been acknowledged and published in the Professional Kinesiology Practitioners Manual. The PKP program is recognized through the International Kinesiology College of Zurich Switzerland.

Her signature Integrated Channels of Healing Programs is geared to expand the scope and depth of knowledge in holistic health sciences and functional intuition; for budding Medical Intuitives and professional health providers.


On a personal note:

I was born on an island in Northern Ontario. I have always been intuitive, which as Einstein says, is ‘coming to an awareness other than by rational means’. I actually see, hear and feel things that most other people don’t.

I love to solve mysteries, and I intuitively connecting the dots. I am also very rational. I have a  flow-chart brain that likes to identify patterns and make sense of things. I am intensely curious about what makes people tick.

Actually I am intensely curious about what makes everything tick. I am passionate about teaching people about tasty food that is simple and healthy. I appreciate interior design and and ingenuity with living spaces.

I support sustainable living, adore tiny house design when it is done well, lean towards minimalism; and read like a fiend.  I like philosophy, all kinds of music. I like clothing that is one of a kind and often throw caution to the wind by altering clothes on the off chance I’ll create something spectacular.

I refinish furniture, faux paint walls, design spaces and enjoy re-purposing objects in unusual ways. I’ve trained border collies let horses train me and pursued ballroom dance. Generally I think life is waaaay to short to experience all the cool things that are possible.

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