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6 Natural Ways to Beat the Heat

Most people just don’t drink enough water.
The general rule of thumb is 1 to 3 ounces consumed every ½ hour. This isn’t just the issue of hydration; this is the means for the body to ‘flush’ its cleansing systems.

With strenuous exercise, the more one sweats and therefore, the more water one has to drink. There is […]

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Coffee Yoga

Some years back I lived in a log cabin in the bush. One of my ‘big city’ friends decided to pay me a visit. My chum was an avid follower of a particularly assertive style of yoga, and he set himself to do his morning ‘ritual’, while I scurried around and did mine.

I noticed hearing […]

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Healing With the Seasons

We all have expectations that our body will serve us well, yet without loving and mindful care we tend to break down on the side of the road.

Having a self-care plan makes sense if you want your body to be your faithful and quiet servant.

Don’t fight it.

Trust me; your body already has a great ongoing […]

Return to Gentleness

Heads up boys and girls… this is personal. I have been getting some lessons for the last couple of years from a four-footed-horse friend who has been teaching me about herd-life, leadership and energy communication.

Mr. Face is a cheeky little gelding who has no trouble showing me my many shortcomings.

If I do not measure up […]

Why I Wouldn’t Invite Louis Pasteur to Dinner

The selection of natural remedies out in the world is vast, but what I have noticed over the last two decades is that families share an affinity. Some children will be more like Mom. Another child will be more like Dad, or perhaps a child will show a strong similarity to a grandparent.

The acorn and […]

5 Things to Do When Happiness Eludes You

Everyone finds themselves feeling down from time to time

Usually this is a temporary state that can be changed by taking a walk in nature or by listening to music that uplifts. Some quality time spent with a trusted friend can click us out of a funk.

If you find yourself always defaulting to an unhappy state […]

Nelda McEwen, Medical Intuitive

Nelda McEwen is a medical intuitive based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, specializing in holistic health solutions. The question is always: what is really going on and what can you do about it?