6 Natural Ways to Beat the Heat

Most people just don’t drink enough water.
The general rule of thumb is 1 to 3 ounces consumed every ½ hour. This isn’t just the issue of hydration; this is the means for the body to ‘flush’ its cleansing systems.

With strenuous exercise, the more one sweats and therefore, the more water one has to drink. There is […]

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Coffee Yoga

Some years back I lived in a log cabin in the bush. One of my ‘big city’ friends decided to pay me a visit. My chum was an avid follower of a particularly assertive style of yoga, and he set himself to do his morning ‘ritual’, while I scurried around and did mine.

I noticed hearing […]

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Nelda McEwen, Medical Intuitive

Nelda McEwen is a medical intuitive based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, specializing in holistic health solutions. The question is always: what is really going on and what can you do about it?