Kids in the Car Health Tips

Attempting to travel or camp with children can be a daunting task. When packing you want to imagine the worst things that could befall your family and be prepared.

Yet you don’t want to end up with a bulky package of what–in-cases that take up precious cargo room. Here are some tried and true summer first aid basics.

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The #1 best resource book

If you have to limit to just one book, ‘Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child’ by: Zand, Walton and Roundtree is the best choice. This resource will cover all the three most common approaches: medical, herbal and homeopathic.

Topical First Aid

Hypericum Lotion can be used in place of alcohol or peroxide for open wounds, broken skin, inflamed tissues and to prevent infection. Alcohol or peroxide although it sterilizes, does eat away at the freshly healed tissue somewhat.

The great thing about Hypericum lotion is that it sterilizes, feeds the wound and heals the wound from the inside out. This is especially beneficial when you suspect particles that may still be in the tissues. You don’t want the skin to seal on the surface when you’re not sure if there is hair or debris still trapped in the wound

Hylands makes this in a ready to use spray. Spraying it on is more successful that trying to come close to an ‘owie’ in any other way. Use it frequently to keep the wound clean and also speed its healing. This is a wonderful remedy for post-scratched-infected inflamed bug bites.

Calendula Lotion or a glycerine based caldendula ointment is your number one skin remedy. Whereas Hypericum Lotion is used anytime the skin is open, calendula is most effective for abrasions, burns, chafes, sunburn or any kind of itch. Calendula does come in an vegetable oil ointment form, but I don’t like putting oil on burns or abrasions. Calendula, a type of marigold flower, speeds healing, is an antiseptic, and reduces inflammation and pain.

Calendula cream can be used for soothing and healing an irritated scalp and works well for a dandruff prone scalp. It is great for reducing the itch of insect bites heat rash and for sunburn. In regard to diaper rash, calendula can be used on the skin as a healing layer, and a barrier product used on top of it.

As a quick first aid for kitchen burns, Calendula is without rival. Calendula helps to take the heat out of a burn fast. A word of caution, Calendula is not recommended for open wounds and where the skin is broken.

Summer dehydration

It is the minerals in our bodies that keep the water balanced in the cells. In the summer we gravitate to cooling hydrating foods such as celery, peaches, watermelon, and cucumber. Adding sea vegetables such as kelp, nori or dulse to our diets can help us to keep our cool during hot weather (much better than refined table salt).

Biochemical cell salts

When we are cremated, what is left over is cell salts. They are the carbon components of our own tissues. Cell salts stimulate and support proper function of cell/organ/system. They keep water in balance and feed the body at a cellular level.

Summer Remedy Basics

The Summer Cell Salts

To relieve stomach upset, bloating, intestinal discomfort and lassitude consider Kali Mur, Nat Phos, and Nat Sulph. They are usually found in low potencies such as 6x or 12x. Their value is vastly underrated especially in regard to very young children.

Homeopathics are diluted forms of plant material that cause a healing and balancing response in the body. For home use you would be using low potencies. I will let you do your own research on this.
Just a note: You have used a single remedy twice and no change? It is either not the right remedy or it is not the right potency.


Up to 10 months old or so Potencies of 4ch to 6ch are recommended. Tissue Salts are especially effective for infants and young children.

Children and Adults

– for homeopathic single use the Golden Rule is A B C and P
The Guideline for Using Single remedies, when symptoms change, stop and re-assess.
Think of an aeroplane traveling down a runway, and you notice one wheel drifting off the tarmac, Homeopathics are a way of nudging or banging the body back on track. (Balance)
Repeated use of a remedy that has already worked, nudges the plane over to the other side of the tarmac.

Aconite – sudden onset, shock
Belladonna – fevered, flushed, delirious, spiking fever, teething
Chamomilla – one red cheek, one pale, unhappy, unappeasable, cranky, hypersensitive to pain, teething
Pulsatilla – weepy, moody, clingy, ripe colds with yellow or green discharge

The Integrative Approach
Use herbs and vitamins and minerals as well as Homeopathics. Not all or nothing.
Also support the body long term. What else would help? Don’t lose sight of the cause.

The basic single remedies to have on hand are A, B, C and sometimes P.

Heat Exhaustion

Tissue Salts 12 in One-Melange (all of the 12), Encourage small sips of water,
Consider Homeopathic Aconite

Skin eruptions
Kali Mur, Kali Sulph, Calc Sulph, and Silica

Rashes itch, nettle rash, or heat rash
Urtica homeopathic

Poison ivy
Rhus Tox homeopathic or Urtica
Also avoid eating cashews and mangoes which are in the same food family.

Sprains and Bruises
Arnica 30k
Can use Arnica liposome topically for swelling
Ruta 30 or 200k for deeper bone bruising

Arnica 200k
Always seek medical care.

Burns including sunburn
Calendula Lotion topically
Utica Urens or Cantharis Homeopathic
Protect the skin from sun by using non allergenic pure mineral makeup as sunscreens. These fine powders will not sweat off easily or get easily washed off.

Insect Bites and Stings
Hypericum Tincture topically
Golden Seal Herb poultice and internally as a tea (not when Pregnant)
Homeopathic Apis or Urtica

Motion Sickness
Cocculus homeopathic, Peppermint tea, or Ginger fresh as tea or candied ginger

Bone Breaks
Symphytum homeopathic
Always seek medical aid. This remedy encourages and stimulates the natural healing of the broken bones. I would also recommend the extra use of a good cal mag for the initial first week or so of the healing. I suggest Floradix Liquid Cal Mag. This product is made from food, and is more body friendly. This is especially important for optimum absorption for children. It will, however, require refrigeration.

Muscle Cramps or growing pains
Again, Flora Liquid Cal Mag. Give a couple of teaspoons every 10 minutes or so until the cramping stops. This is especially important for absorption for children. Valarian root is relaxing for cramps or anxiety.

Food Poisoning
Nux Vomica homeopathic and Choline 1 tablet every 15 minutes. Cheladonium Plex is a helpful homeopathic plex that can be taken ongoing for a week or so to bring the digestive system fully back to balance. The use of live culture probiotics is essential.

Digestive Disturbances
The summer tissue salts are helpful: Kali Mur, Nat Phos and Nat Sulph. Probiotics and digestive enzymes are helpful to restore the gut. The overall reducing fatty foods and processed foods can help. Reducing mucous forming foods such as dairy and wheat can be helpful while the body is recovering. Cheladonium Plex can be helpful when used over a longer period of time to strengthen the digestion.

Black Walnut Tincture, Cina 30k, Unda # 39

Over-indulgence of food, alcohol or too much mental work
Nux Vomica 30k or 200k, Choline

Coughs and Respiratory Congestion
Drosera, Spongia, Dulcamera in 30k or 200k

Flu or Sudden illness
Unda # 37, Oscillococcinum by Boroin or Flu Buster by Homeocan are good treatments when used at the earliest onset of flu symptoms
Aconite homeopathic is good to have on hand for anything that comes on suddenly. Even for emotional scares, like a near traffic accident, aconite is helpful to restore balance. Keep this in mind for when there is stuttering from fear or anxiety.

Another product worth keeping on hand is ‘Febriplex’. This is an especially effective for children, when coming down with cold, fever, flu and gripe. Most products that people choose tend to suppress the body’s functions. Febriplex is a homeopathic plex that supports the body’s self-healing efforts.
Plexes (combinations) are helpful for motivating the healing process, and helping increase comfort.

Just a note of wisdom; sometimes emergency treatment is necessary. Natural and 1st Aid basics can be employed even while proceeding to Medical care. According to Steig Larsson, if you are absolutely desperate for something to cover a wound and there are no bandages handy; our ever handy duct tape can keep a wound clean and effectively slow bleeding until you reach a medical facility.

The Sanity Section

‘If mamma is happy, everybody is happy’

Here are some tried and true remedies to keep mom on an even keel.

For Mom:

Hormone – PMS and Menopause

Sepia – hateful/spiteful/ wants to be left alone
Pulsatilla – moody/weepy/consolable wants you to stay near.

Usually you get the pulsatilla child clinging to the sepia mom. Combine this with tired, hot, bored and thirsty, it is a recipe for disaster.

Keep Grounded

Stopping frequently is essential for adults and children alike. Stretching your legs once an hour or two at the most, is a great way to keep alert and grounded. Switch drivers at least once every two hours.

Keep Hydrated

We often think we are hungry when the body is really crying out for water. Hydration makes us more electrical. It keeps our brains alert. Water keeps our kidneys working well and flushing properly.

Keep Nourished
Healthy snacks are another way to nourish, hydrate and entertain. Visiting Fresh Produce stands can be a great way of getting a break as well. Traveling is usually a time when our systems can feel sluggish.

Pay particular attention to include fibre rich foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables are essential for keeping our bowels working. Reduce the glue foods like sugar, pasta, chips and refined flour.

Keep Rested
Avoid being over tired. Stop for the night rest early and settle in and do something fun. Nothing beats the ‘grumpies’ like a refreshed and well rested crew.

Keep Entertained
Pack efficiently. Creating a clutter free space for each traveler reduces irritation for everyone.

Put some brain-space into preplanning your trip. Get your hands on some really great kid’s pastimes that work well in a confined space. Hide them away and create a new surprise to open up each day of travel. Create travel games. Counting horses with spots, or being the first to spy non-home-province license plates, or playing interactive word games can be a fun way of putting in travel time.

One very creative Dad I know took along dice. This way the family could leave a lot of decisions to chance. Stop? Not stop? Eat here? Stop x minutes. Who wins a decision score?

Note for Drivers

Invent a signal that means we’re off NOW! What ever it is, make the signal consistent and tolerate no doddling. I remember traveling across the continent. The signal was a final rev of the engine in neutral which meant ‘all aboard’. After the first day, we were all ‘hopping to’ just like trained dogs.

Create an intention of FUN! Even young children can appreciate that the purpose of the travel is to spend time enjoying each other. Take lots of fun photos. Don’t be afraid to create whacky photos. Consider writing an ongoing group travelogue for your trip.

If you have a tip about keeping your family healthy and happy while traveling please leave your comments below.

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