If you are a natural intuitive ~

 It makes perfect sense that you have been drawn towards a healing/helping profession

What if Intuition Could Be Your Most Reliable Working Tool?


I am building a virtual classroom

My intention is to help you

Bring your natural intuition out of hiding!

~ You need real tools to support the body during the healing process

to successfully navigate to the core root cause of illness

~ of the spirit and the body

Integrated Channels of Healing

~ Intuition is your power-advantage with clients whether you’re a therapist, counsellor or coach

~ A map-able system Intuition lets you zero in quickly to where your client’s root stresses lay

~ Learning a concise energy ‘vocabulary’ means that you can communicate what you are perceiveing

~ Medical Intuition system maps the interplay of mind, body, spirit

~ This interplay is the key that will unlock your client’s story

Learn the 14 Signs of Spiritual Stress

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Nelda McEwen has been in private practice in Southwestern Ontario for over 28 years; counselling individuals, teaching classes and seminars. She states openly that she has been ‘weird’ for much longer than that.

She started out her career a frustrated mother of chronically sick child.

She is a ‘Frequency Analyst’ who draws on her background in Specialized Kinesiology, iridology, advanced nutrition, herbal therapies, Electron Frequency Analysis, Structural Neurology, and Homeopathic Bio-therapeutic drainage.

We can access this intrinsic human ability to read, engage and balance the human magnetic energy system in practical ways that do not diminish our spiritual origins.

Nelda’s professional research has been acknowledged and published in the Professional Kinesiology Practitioners Manual. The PKP program is recognized through the International Kinesiology College of Zurich Switzerland.

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