Confused About Vaccines?

I have been seeing some very heated discussions about the vaccine issue.

Some pro-vaccine individuals suggest that those who oppose vaccines are not intelligent enough to understand the real facts.

Clouding the Issue

Pro-vaxers say that anyone who comes forward with anti-vaccine information is ‘making it up’ or over-reacting. Much of the information coming from the anti-vaccine groups tend to depend upon emotional manipulation rather than logical thought to forward their arguments.

I am not a scientist. I find it hard to read scientific data. How do I interpret it? Most times I like many others go to sources that have read the data and are able to translate it into a ‘user friendly’ version.

My question is: are they using their personal bias to cloud the science?

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Hanging with the Smart People

One of my smart friends is a Mathie. She specialized in the study of ‘Combinatorics and Optimization’. She owns math movies like ‘The Joy of Calculus’. She is also a card carrying Mensa member.

Another smart friend is a Physicist and technical writer. She gets paid to proof read technical and scientific articles. She also happens to be the daughter of a immunization researcher.

Both of these women are way above average in the Geeky-smart zone. When I say that earth is a ‘ bijillian’ miles from the sun, these girls will correct me and say exactly how many miles it is.

Both have the ability and training to sort stats and data and read scientific studies.Both of them are mothers. Both of them, after careful research and personal soul searching, have opted out of the vaccine program in regard to their own children.

So neither of these parents are unintelligent or uninformed. What information do they see that I can’t see?

How do we weed out Bias?

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So where do we go for unbiased information? How do we interpret that information if we are not familiar with ‘geek speak’. Where do we get the goods if we want more than a patronizing pat on the head or a passion filled venting spree?

My first suggestion is to read this article by

Mel Hopper Koppelman

She says about herself: “I am geekily passionate about natural health and exploring the intersection of ancient healing methods, scientific research and clinical practice. This blog is not just about my thoughts on ways to improve your health, but critically examining the evidence behind popular natural health recommendations. I am learning a lot by writing these articles and I hope you do too.”

To Read Mel’s article, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW

Confused about Vaccines? Important Lessons from a ‘Scientist’.

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