I hope you are enjoying spring ~

I have a recipe for you below.

Last year I ran out of dandelions. Honest. There just weren’t enough to go around. My neighbors had an inexhaustible supply of them.

(I see them struggling with their barrow load. I want to say “HEY! Are you going to eat all those??)

Life just isn’t fair…

Before I share my recipe, you need to know what dandelions do and why.

Dandelions poke up their cheery little golden heads year after year.

They really are the harbringers of spring.

#1 Cleaners Inside and Out

Dandelions are the number 1 choice to help clean your liver.

Yup! They are medicine.

I eat’m!

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The More You Spray, the More You Get

Their job in your yard is to do the front line detox of the soil.

Have your ever noticed that people who spray their yards have a never ending crop?

If you actually harvest dandelion leaves you will hardly have enough of them to satisfy.

Want to Know More About Spring Cleanses?

Here is a link to more information about Spring Cleanse

Swiss Dandelion Salad

  • 1 large potato, scrubbed, cooked whole and hot
  • 2 handfuls of wild or cultivated dandelion greens, washed and drained and chopped fine
  • Light tasting vegetable oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Herbamere/Sea Salt
  • Fresh ground pepper

The trick:

Wash the green really really really really well.

If you are using wild dandelion greens, washing is a huge issue, but is worth it in the end.


Mash the potato quickly in the bottom of a heat-proof bowl

Throw the greens FAST and toss

Then dress the salad and serve

You can make your apple cider vinegar dressing ahead of time or

Just drizzle a little light tasting oil on the salad and toss

Then drizzle apple cider vinegar – toss

Salt and pepper


*Go easy with the oil/vinegar- You can always add more – hard to add less

Alchemy Tip:

The hot potato takes out the bitterness of the greens.

Dandelions are the best spring tonic ever

Dandelions are the best spring tonic ever and they are tasty if you do it right

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Harvesting Tips:

  1. Harvest dandelion greens away from sprays and dog traveled zones.
  2. Go out with a pail and a sharp paring knife. When you spot a lush patch, use the knife to cut the plant.
  3. Hold the knife parallel to the ground and slip it just below the surface of the soil.
  4. Take a moment to use the knife clean off the dirt and dead leaves especially around the base and bulb.
  5. Pop it into your pail and get MORE! I usually rinse them with the outide hose first.

*According to my Swiss chum, the bulb between the root and the greens is the best part.

Wash Wash Wash

It is a labour, but so worth it. Grab them when they are young.

You have a window of oportunity to gather when the leaves are just coming up.

When it is over, it’s over

Once you see that the flower buds are well established and just ready to open, your season is over.

If you have never tried dandelions as food, give this a go. You can always add more potato to tone down the taste.

I sent this out first in my newsletter and one of my fans asked me to do a blog about it so she could send it to her peeps. She does the ‘Master Cleanse’ every spring.

Here is what she said:

I remember going over to my friend Nelda’s house to find her bent over in her front yard picking dandelions with this look in her eye like she was finding chocolate Easter eggs!! She was so excited!!… “this is the perfect time to pick them… Ohhhh they’re so delicious…” Then I watched her scrub them… and she made me this salad…

The amazing thing was that my body LOVED this salad… It’s like it was saying, “Oh ya!! That’s just what I was looking for!!”

I also make this salad with other greens like kale…

Do your have a Spring Cleanse special recipe?

Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below and tell me what you do to boost your health in the spring.

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