The Fatal Flaw in the Vaccine Debate

There is a fatal flaw in how we are viewing the vaccine debate and it lies within the medical model itself. The medical model limits its concern to the degrees of dysfunction. Why is this?

Conventional medicine has always gone to the dead and dying for its reference point.

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When we draw a line with 100% dead on one end, and 100% well on the other, we can finally see what has been eluding us when we ask the question: Do vaccines cause autism?

Anyone not near that dying point or moving quickly to the dying spectrum is considered all good. All of the subtle signs presented through parental observation are easily minimized or dismissed.

A Wellness Model

What if we were to start with a different model where we could consider a myriad of factors that may collectively contribute to neurological harm.

Real Life is a Cascade of Factors

We have been trained to seek the one thing that causes 100% harm. This is nonsensical. When we get out of the lab and into real life, with real human beings there is never just one thing.

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Do vaccines cause autism? Well even if we could agree that it does, we know it doesn’t 100% of the time.

Does that mean vaccines never cause autism? Does that mean that there are no observable other signs of neurological harm?

What if effects start to appear weeks or months after the vaccine?

What about the other environmental factors in play that can affect a child neurologically? What about mercury fillings that leak neuro-toxins directly into the gut?

Mercury can pass the blood-brain barrier

What about congenital mercury?

If the mother has mercury fillings how does that affect her unborn child?

What about the mother’s vaccine impact?

What about mercury toxicity from a heavy fish diet.

What about other factors such as aluminum from cookware?

What about herbicides and pesticides?

What about formaldehyde gassing off from carpets and furniture?

What about a diet of Genetically Modified Foods?

What about the neurological impact of psychological and emotional trauma?

So what happens when all of this and more is in motion and multiple vaccines happen to be given during one single clinic visit?

The Collapse of Natural Immunity

As long as we cling to the ‘holy grail of one cause, one cure’ we will never be able to puzzle anything out. Concerns of the past were infectious diseases.

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Most of the vaccine protocols we have today are poised to fight yesterday’s dead Goliath. What we are struggling with today is auto-immune issues on a rampant rise and the collapse of natural immunity, individually and collectively.

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Predict the Straw/Measure the Camel’s Back

Some people strongly feel that vaccines are the answer to all of man’s ills.

I have some concerns about that approach and I will tell you why.

Right now there are too many variables in motion, any of which have the potential to inch a person away from the wellness spectrum.

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Wellness builds on wellness, just as illness builds on illness. With so many factors in motion, it is hard to know what actually is going to be the ‘Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back’.

The Price of 20/20 Hind-sight

For some people, adults and children, they are already setting up for a big fall. It is hard to predict where is person is on this line. It is also hard to predict where a vaccine will take them.

Some things I recommend: Do take the time to let a baby’s immune system and neurological system to sort itself out. The immune process for a baby is a cell by cell inventory of what is me.

This needs to settle before an onslaught of ‘other’ is delivered at a deep cellular and neurological level.

Pro-active Steps to Take

I have a client who has to have her vaccines up to date. She is going on an exchange to another country.

She will be taking pro-active steps to keep her deep cellular cleaning active to keep the neurotoxins moving out of her body. This prevents the toxins from settling.

Antidote protocols need to be in place before vaccines are given as well as afterwards.

The detoxing process can be done after the fact, but it is best to have the detox pathways open and moving beforehand.

Parents Naturally Hold a Wellness Viewpoint

Parents are naturally wellness oriented because wellness is their goal. Hell for a parent is watching helplessly while their child struggles.

You won’t find me doctor bashing. I value competent medical care. It is a necessary piece of the holistic offering. I personally experienced its limitations.  The health of my child changed for the better when ‘wellness’ became my goal.

This isn’t just a worthy goal for good parenting. It should also be the goal of good science.

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