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  • If you need more research I will direct you to resources
  • You will know what professional remedies you will need
  • You will know what nutrition your body desperately wants
  • You will know where you can get them
You will receive an invoice from me and all charges will be clear,

including consulting and product costs and shipping fees (if applicable).

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* We can explore in more detail during our session

What You Are Going to Do
Be prepared to take notes during your session.

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Charges are due upon receipt of invoice. All Special Orders are Pre-Paid.
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  • Nelda McEwen - terms and conditions/health history

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  • Agreements of Terms and Appointment

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  • I am representing myself and no other body, agency or agenda. I understand Nelda McEwen is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose or treat disease. I understand that Nelda McEwen's services are offered in terms of energy potential. My agreement is voluntary and not under any duress.
  • I agree to meet with Nelda McEwen, at the agreed upon time and in the agreed upon way: in person, by phone or by Skype. If by phone, I agree to be responsible for phone charges.
  • I understand that I will be invoiced for all agreed upon charges by Nelda McEwen. I understand that financial remuneration is expected in exchange for Nelda McEwen's time and expertise.
  • The Distance Vital Energy Assessment is PREPAID before any assessment work is begun, either by E-mail Money Transfer or PayPal. In person clients will pay at the time of their appointment. I understand that payment is due upon receipt of services and/or products.
  • CANCELLATION of appointments will be by PHONE and at least 24 hours in advance, except when roads are closed due to weather. I understand that I will be charged a one hour fee for missed appointment. I understand that I will be charged a one hour fee for missed appointment
  • Your Health History Form

    Be brief and don't make it hard. We can go in deeper when we connect.
    Gender matters for the purposes of frequency testing.
  • We grow and change in 7 year cycles On a spiritual level this is just as significant as our physical development
  • Even if you have been given a 'diagnosis' please describe your symptoms in some detail.
  • Why do I need to know? Our ethnic/genetic foundation can point to food stresses or stresses in belief or culture.
  • Include birth control medication
  • What foods make you feel great? What foods make you feel yucky?
  • Do you take supplements? What and what brand?
    Why? Vaccines like other environmental toxins can profoundly change your health in an instant.

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