Your body’s agenda of healing and cleansing

We all have expectations that our body will serve us well, yet without loving and mindful care we tend to break down on the side of the road.

Having a self-care plan makes sense if you want your body to be your faithful and quiet servant.

Don’t fight it.

Trust me; your body already has a great ongoing plan and the best approach is to jump in and help your body do what it is trying to do.

We are Hardwired and and There is no Denying It

We are wired for feast and famine. This is why starvation dieting is unsuccessful. We are also wired for fight and flight (which often looks like paralysis under stress for those of us who neither run nor fight well).

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Alternating Cycles of Cleansing and Building

Our body likes alternating cycles of cleansing and building and this actually occurs in cycles of 24 hours, seven days, twelve weeks and twelve months.

If you need a more gentle cleanse consider this

I think that cleansing programs are great, but they need to be customized for each individual. Not everyone is a ‘robust Bavarian’. For most people, ongoing and aggressive cleansing is stressful and exhausts the body’s reserves.  A better approach is a healing plan like stair steps. Cleanse a step, build a step. Work with the body’s natural rhythms and  cycles. No matter what you design in your head, your body has its own plans.

Your Body’s Perfect Agenda – the twelve month plan

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 July August September – Liver/expanded

This is a time our bodies use to build nutrition and repair and strengthen the body. Hydration and elimination are essential and the body is doing a lot of its elimination and balancing through skin. This is the time to build the body in preparation for enduring winter stresses. Your systems are more kidney/immune focused.

Putting a healing plan together keeps our system running like a top. Rather than calling in sick, you could call in for a wellness day and do something fun as a reward for taking such good care of yourself.

October, November, December – Kidney/contracting

Fall/Winter is time to dig into the arteries to de-plague for at least 12 weeks, build nutritional reserves and boost the immune system over all. Your body will struggle to keep internal temperatures balanced and cope with the extremes of hot indoors and frigid outdoor temperatures through circulation/kidneys/thyroid/heart.
Our body is also geared to store nutrition for the famine cycle and this is why many people pack on a few more pounds at this time of years. October is the perfect month to start a kidney cleanse and pay attention to the large intestine. Fresh pumpkin seeds are a wonderful choice to discourage parasites.

January, February, March –Kidney/contracted

This is the time of year to eat food that build heat and nourish. Your body is also trying to get rid of some grit, in the liver and kidneys. Survival is the ongoing program and your body is focused on resisting bacteria and viruses while everyone is packed into dry and overheated enclosed spaces.

March is the perfect time to get yourself set up for deeper cleansing work. Your body is just waiting for those moist warm spring days. This is a great time to limit sugar, flour and fried foods. Surviving famine is your body’s priority. This is a good time to focus on fibre and cleanse the large intestine.

I have 2 regular seasonal practices; In the spring I eat Swiss Dandelion Salad. In the fall I eat raw pumpkin seeds. This is now I know that it is time to cleanse. Easy-peasy.

April, May, June – Liver/expanding

Keeping warm/cool is a real job when the weather is unpredictable. Your body is still preparing to do a major house cleaning as soon as the weather turns. When the dandelion leaves pop out of the ground, its time! Drink lots of water or lemon waters and let the liver do its thing. Your body likes the bitter greens at this time

May-June is the time to really get serious about cleansing. Pull the juicer out of storage. This is a short window of opportunity that the rest of your 12 months depends upon. Your body has a liver/blood/lymph focus.

Oh yes…I am a secret foodie. Here is a recipe for the early summer using fresh herbs at hand.

Is there something that you do to enhance your health on a regular or seasonal basis? I would love to know what that is.


I am a recipe junkie who totally ignores the ingredients listed. Do you have a favourite recipe to share?

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