Welcome to the Unconventional Mind

In this lifetime

you have been given this unique possibility

You have a wonderful body designed just for you to live in,

and experience all that life has to offer

It is designed to carry your dreams and plans

A container designed to manifest your gifts, vision and  purpose

To feel your greatest passion and express your greatest joy ~

It is the perfect vehicle for your mind and spirit

Are you suffering from a lack of information?

Most people are

Most people know more about the inner workings of their car

Than the inner workings of their own bodies

Your body is your perfect vehicle for this lifetime

You will never find wellness within a mindset that only entertains problems.

You will never find peace in a system that profit on your dependency on their management of problems.

The only worthy healing goal requires an informed and resourced autonomy.

Your spirit is the driver

This spirit within you is your inherent navigating system.

It functions through your thoughts and emotions

You are not designed to travel blind

Find out exactly what is keeping you stuck,

Where and why

Nelda has provided me invaluable insight into areas of health in which I had very little previous understanding, at a time when I was in desperate need of guidance. Her insights were so far outside the range of my own. Her patience to answer each of my questions as well as her ability to explain the somewhat unexplainable were paramount to my learning.
Laura W, Business Administrator, dancer, budding Intuitive

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