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Are you Intuitive or Empathic?

Does it confuse you? Overwhelm you? Scare you? Hurt you?

What if you could spend a whole day

with three people who will show you

How to Trust Your Intuition

And take it right to the bank!

A Full Day Live Workshop

See Details Below!

Date: Sunday April 23rd
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Place: Goderich Ontario

Cost: 65.00

Make sure you put this in your calendar!

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What you are going to learn & who you are going to learn from:


Jennie is a Natural Empath

She has been doing this work professionally for over 10 years.

She describes herself as an ‘Energy Emotional Intuitive’. She is also a Reiki Master. Jennie will be explaining how she identifies the exact patterns of belief and releases the deep roots that keep people stuck. Her ability to translate information in every day language, makes everything she says crystal clear. When I am confused and I can’t even grab the edge of something to figure out what’s going on with me, Jennie is my girl.


Nelda is a Medical Intuitive

She has worked in a holistic health practice for over 28 years.

Nelda will be showing us her hands-on system of accessing the physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Nelda will be explaining how she ‘reads’ through the energy field and shows how the world of intuition and the practical world of health therapies interplay. She loves to share the ‘vocabulary’ that makes the concept of energy healing ‘real’ and discernible. Although trained in holistic sciences, she stands on the border of both Sandra and Jennie’s world.


Sandra is a Radionics Practitioner

She has been doing assessments and treatments with this system for over 18 years.

This vibrational therapy draws heavily from Sandra’s background with a BSc degree. Can a sciencey girl be intuitive? Absolutely, many people in the conventional medical/health field are natural Intuitives and empaths. Sandra will be showing us in a hands-on way, how she uses this technology in her practice that accesses and clears the energy field of her clients. Although her focus is on the body, everyone who has worked with her knows that it can be a life changing therapy.