Menopause on the conscious path is a whole re-orientation of our thinking, about women, about change, about health and how much bull shit we have bought into about how our ‘key life’ passages are a source of income for the drug-lords. I have a different view about what menopause is, and why most people would rather be medicated.

The Rise of the Power Dragon

There are hardly have any words to fully describe that time in life, where women emerge into the full light of themselves; not defined by their husbands, not defined by their children, not defined by their roles or social position, or really any other damn thing on anyone else’s agenda.  If all women woke up at once to what they were capable of, the whole world would tremble.

Changing our Perception about Menopause

Women participate in Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremonies as equals, unless they are a. pregnant, menstruating or moving through menopause. Why? Because at this this time, women are too powerful and their presence would blow everyone else’s circuits.

Truth: Women are too powerful

What happens during menses and menopause?

This is the time of Chakra reversal. This is time to clean up our channels. This involves clearing the air in relationships too. If you do not do this, you will internalize the issues. PMS, I believe is a sign of this ongoing suppression, repression, depression.

Menses, on an energy level, is when every second chakra reverses its spin for a day or two. This is the sacral, the heart, and the 3rd eye chakras. At this time of power, nothing and no one is at arm’s length; not your feelings, not your wisdom, not your marriage….

You, who are designed to live from the inside out, need this time is to re-connect with your deepest truth. Just don’t assume that your inner truth is going to be comfortable for those around you. They have been lulled for 25 days by your most giving accommodating self. Understand the word ‘ruthless’ means ‘without sorrow’.

This harder, edgier and brutally honest self is loving too.

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The Phase of Reckoning

I was at a conference in the city and in the evening I went out with a dynamic group of professional women, who were letting their hair down and talking openly about being women successfully playing in a man’s world. One woman said “my husband Roger is a wonderful, lovely supportive man. But, once a month I know he’s an asshole!”

Gender Expectations

The fatal flaw in the condition of most women in our society is skewed gender expectations. In our society women are not cherished, revered, respected as persons and persons of power. We are conditioned to see ourselves as handmaidens bearing the heir or a slave who essentially has no status but all the work.

Changing our Self-Perception

If we start by assuming royalty consciousness, we are entertaining a totally different self-image and social order.  What most women live with is the distortion of women’s roles, women’s values and women’s divine purpose.

In our present culture do we accommodate it? Hell no! No mercy: business as usual – we are living in a man’s world.

Women for several generations have lived in a world where de-valuing women’s work is the norm:

  • Mothering in general
  • Food preparation
  • The sanctity of the home,
  • Mothering specifically,
  • Food preparation
  • Birthing
  • Nursing and nurturing
  • Raising children
  • Nurturing the home emotional atmosphere

Another Way Women Hide Their Power

In my maternal tribe women hid their power. They manipulated and worked covertly to undermine others (men and boy-children) and get brownie points for suffering and martyrdom.

Weird I know!

As much as it was great to be expected to be a powerhouse, this constant striving for power was unsettling at best, and destructive at worst.

“Women complain about premenstrual syndrome,
But I think of it as the only time of the month that I can be myself
Roseanne Barr – Actress and Comedian
If Bosses where really smart, they would give all their female staff one or two paid days off a month. Why? Because women are way too POWEFUL! Even the mildest of us are inclined to call bullshit on those special days of the month.

If the man you live with was wise, he would graciously give you the gift of a free day pass, a booking in a B&B with a spa, and take a turn with the kids and supper.

This seldom happens.

Why do Women live in a man’s world? 

  1. Survival of self
  2. Survival and protection of children
  3. Fear We want to be protected
  4. Desperate to be loved
  5. Fear of your own power – glimpse of our ‘big’ self. Freaks us out!

If we ignore or put off this nature-driven personal and fundamental soul-work regularly during our ‘reproductive years’ what happens during peri-menopause and menopause? We end up with a ton of – unfinished business.

Women are too Powerful – Revisited

During menopause our Chakras re-orient themselves. All the energy that has been living in the sacral/ reproductive chakra suddenly rises to the Throat (expression/vocation) Chakra.

If we allow ourselves full voice, we are going to do quite well, even if relationships feel a little rocky for a while. If we lock our ‘vocal’ expression down, we are in for a hard time.

Menopause is ‘The rise of the POWER DRAGON’. The sooner we get this the better.

Menopause Complaint # 1


The first problem is that we go into this dynamic change exhausted – physically, nutritionally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Many women are caught up in a perpetual cycle of adrenal stimulation/overwhelm and nervous exhaustion. We need uppers (caffeine and sugar) during the day to get us going and downers (wine) at night to help us stop.

We are chronically on the run, day and night. We can never rest. We do do do and the worst part is that we think it is normal; we think exhaustion is normal. In truth, we are living the life of an adrenaline addict.

Let’s Get Practical for a Moment

If you find yourself on a roller coaster look to Homeopathic Remedies to find balance:

Pulsatilla:  Pulsatilla is moody, weepy, sentimental, wants to be hugged or talked to

Sepia: Sepia is cranky, hateful, doesn’t want to be talked to or touched (Homeopaths consider all pregnant women to be ‘Sepia’)

It isn’t unusual to oscillate between these two remedies, so it would help to have both on hand. Ditto if you have menstrual females in the house.

Are you Starving for specific nutrition


Take iron supplements in the early part of the day. Iron acts like a tonic and gives you more energy.  When you lack iron, your body may create watery weight in your tissues to ground you. There is only one iron I ever recommend…ever. Again it is from Salus. It is called Floradix. In Canada it is distributed by Flora.

Calcium Magnesium

Usually you can take this at night. I recommend Salus liquid Cal Mag. If you are getting muscle cramps, or you are having trouble sleeping, try 2 separate doses with another extra one at bedtime. You may need more for a few weeks if you are really depleted.


You may need to get out of your head and back into your body, especially if you work with your brain during the day. You can be left with your brain being over energy while body is prematurely aging.

Trace minerals

Trace minerals are essential to support the function of your adrenals/thyroid. Minerals hold the water balance and keep you from being hydrated. Sea Vegetables such as kelp, nori and dulse are an easy available source.

Menopause Complaint # 2

The menopausal woman is Woman on FIRE!

Many women are silently furious from years and years of pent up stuff not they have not dealt with on a 28 day basis. The homeopathics mentioned above may really help with the rock and roll. Just remember, you didn’t come all this way in life just to put out the fire.

Here are some Tips for Staying Balanced

Flower Essences

Emotions respond to flower essences. Bach is well known throughout the world.

Start with – BACH Rescue Remedy – anxiety/fear/panic/fearful anticipation/phobias.

Then consider: Scleranthus which is being wishy washy and Walnut which is about key life passages.

If you are struggling with being too attachment to someone else’s energy field try Red Chestnut and if you are struggling to find your own will and source of power try Centuary. If you feel like a powder-keg ready to blow, try Cherry Plum.

Don’t assume that the ‘Younger Women’ are ready to hear this. The challenge in trying to educate younger women is that nesters are for the most part, under water. They are not going to hear you. They may be in too deep and their day to day life is all consuming.

On the surface we are gender equal. But when you did deep, misogyny is in the undercurrent. Some rare women stay above it all by very early on choosing an alternative path. To be fair to the nesters, it is really hard to stay ‘conscious’ throughout all the years we willing sublimate our inner life while as females, our ‘person-hood’ is constantly diminished within the society we live in.

Hormone Balance

A herb called Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry) can really help to balance hormones. You can take homeopathics at the same time, so it isn’t an either/or.

Liver Detox

Your liver has to be able to detox well on a day to day basis. The liver has to bio-degrade the monthly hormone-dump.  To be happy your liver wants MORE bitter greens, onions, garlic,   LESS fats, eggs, and dairy.

Retaining Fluid/Achy

If you feel puffy and backed up, consider some Liver/Kidney/blood/lymph drainage herbs such as dandelion, nettles, uva ursi, red clover, yellow dock and cleavers. You could back off heavy foods and eat lightly for a few days. Try starting your day with a greens product.

Glandular Support

Glandular fatigue is the most common problem for women. When your ovaries sign off and expect your thyroid and adrenals to take up the slack, it can feel like you are falling apart. Consider a thyroid/adrenal building supplement that will act as a gentle tonic for the whole glandular system.

Nervous System support

Get your poise and stamina back by using natural herbal helpers such as passionflower, St Johnswort, Valerian root (especially with tension headaches), catnip, skull cap, or chamomile.

The Conscious Path

Live a life where you are constantly willing to stand in your truth, even when it risks the displeasure or discomfort’ of others. It takes courage to be a budding Power Dragon. This is a woman who has claimed her individuality and recognizes the necessity of the needs and cares of her soul.

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My advice to you is:

First thing: You need to claim and declare “I am my own woman”

Every day, build the fire – all through the years. Every month take the time to clear the air, sir the pot, muddy the waters, and be heard. If you feel like you are fighting for your life, you probably are.

Once our kids have left home, this is the time for women to take a chance to see who they are and what they are capable of. This means taking quality time for your own personal interests and pursuits and priorities. It means exploring the wildness within you.

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“How is man to recognize his full self, his full power through the eyes of an incomplete woman? The woman who has been stripped of Goddess recognition and diminished to a big ass and full breast for physical comfort only. The woman who has been silenced so she may forget her spiritual essence because her words stir too much thought outside of the pleasure space.”
Jada Pinkett-Smith:
The War on Men through the Degradation of Woman

Key Life Passage or Illness?

Menopause is like the tidal wave of power.  This is a key life passage, not an illness.

Menopausal women are ready to become, sages, elders, the wisdom keepers. We grow from being the keeper-nourisher of the select few, to the keeper caregiver of the many.

Society as a whole needs what we have – Wisdom and the feminine perspective is not common knowledge. Society needs enough female sages and elders to help birth the emerging power dragon for other women.

“I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel.
At just the right moment I light the match.”
Mia Hamm American professional athlete
Happy Birthday Power Dragon; Here’s your match…

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