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Breakthrough Medical Intuitive Counselling Session


. You are stuck in a pattern that you can’t change

. You feel out of whack and you don’t know why

. You can’t get centred and level no matter what you try

. You are stuggling to find clarity

. You feel lost and are questioning your purpose

. You are having weird dreams or are feeling unsafe for no known reason

. You are having physical issues that you can’t get to the bottom of

The Breakthrough Counselling Session is perfect for you 

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This Package Includes:

. A full Medical Intuitive Session

 Clear insights into the root cause of what is keeping you stuck

. A clear understanding of what you need to do add or adjust in your life

. A follow up review to help ground what you’ve learned in your session

. 6 weekly email ‘touchstones’ to help keep you moving, centred and balanced

. A clear plan of what you need to do to breakthrough what is holding you back

. A clear understanding of what you need to adjust, add or allow in your life

. An outline of what self-care your body needs & wants

. Access to remedies that will restore your emotional balance


+ Bonus E-Book – The 14 Sure Signs of Stress From a Spiritual Viewpoint

+Bonus E-Book – The Coming Down With Something Action List

– The ultimate guide to support and ease your healing process

You need to know ~

Is the root of your stress physical, emotional mental, spiritual?

Clearing all of these areas~

will give you the ‘reset’ you need

to restore ease and flow ~

Body, mind and spirit

This 3 hour Intensive Session is:

The whole enchilada of 27 years experience in Holistic Health Therapies and Intuitive Counselling 

The Breakthrough Intuitive Counselling Sessions

299.00 (+hst where applicable)

When you are stuck, stuck, stuck,

and need real change and a dramatic spiritual shift NOW!

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The Vital Energy Assessment

. You have health mysteries you need clarity about

. You know you could feel better but there is a missing piece of the puzzle

. You have tried everything you can think of but nothing is working

. Your doctor says there is nothing wrong with you

. You are ready and willing to make changes, but just don’t know where to start


. Declining health is your driving concern

. You have a repeated unresolvable pattern of illness

. You have chronic issues, or multiple issues that nobody can shed light upon

. Your doctor is suggesting toxic or invasive treatments that you are uncomfortable with

. You need more specific information about your physical health

. You need a deeper understanding of what is going on with you

. You need a deeper treatment plan than most natural healing modalities offer

The Vital Energy Package is perfect for you

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The Vital Energy Assessment Package Includes: 

*Deep Cellular Assessment for when your body is struggling and you aren’t getting answers

. You will receive a full Medical Intuitive/Specialized Kinesiology/Symptomatology session to start

. You will receive a full Electron Frequency Analysis and a following consultation by phone/Skype

. You will receive a re-assessment at the end of your mini treatment session

. You will receive supportive education weekly for the initial 14 weeks


Package Includes:

. Bonus mini Treatment – of 3 days (2 nights) to get you feeling better right away

. Bonus E-bookHow to Kick the Cold in 24 hours

. Bonus E-Book – Natural Remedy Primer for Home and Family

This package is  – 210.00 Canadian (+ hst where applicable)

This is the perfect plan for those at a distance

Consultations can be scheduled in person, or by phone or Skype 

To keep your momentum going:

Add on an additional full week of treatment for only 90.00 more saving you 40.00 

= 300.00 (+ hst where applicable)

When you need more treatment time

Vital Energy Treatment Prices

(Every treatment starts with a re-evaluation at beginning and end of treatment)

. Mini treatment – Half week – 65.00

. 1 Week – 100.00

. 2 Weeks – 00 (+ a bonus cleanse treatment to finish up)

. 1 Month for 400.00 (4 weeks + a bonus cleanse treatment to finish up)

(+ hst where applicable)

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The Medical Intuitive Assessment



. If you suspect you have deep-seated health mysteries that elude you

. If you know there is a huge missing piece of the puzzle on a cellular level

. If you have tried everything you can think of but only gives you short-term relief or no relief

. If you are hoping to get more information without having to endure invasive testing


The Medical Intuitive Assessment Package is a perfect place to start 

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The Medical Intuitive Assessment Includes:

*Insight and Knowledge go hand in hand


. You will receive an initial Specialized Kinesiology assessment/Symptomatology assessment

. You will receive an intuitive counselling session

. You will receive a clear outline of what steps to take next (protocols/treatments/programs)

. You will receive the direction, resources and education you need to make lasting change


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What to expect ~

. A clear plan of what you need to do restore your health

. A clear self-care plan of what you need to adjust, add or allow in your life

. An outline of what nutrition your body desperately needs & wants

. Direction or access to remedies that will restore your strength 10x faster


Package Includes:  Resources sent by email – selected to direct your research & answer your specific needs

*Bonus E-Book – Natural Remedy Primer for Home and Family

an introduction to the rich world of natural remedies

Here is  an essential piece of great self-care

Initial Sessions are 90.00 for the first 1 ¼ hour

Additional time is clocked at 1.2 per minute

(+ hst added where applicable)

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