Sleep is an essential part of good self-care. A lack of sleep can cause us to become mentally dull at best and mentally break us down at worst.

I like sleep. It takes a lot to keep me from my bedtime. But I heard Esther (Abraham-Hicks) talking about how we often think we should be tired, and then convince ourselves that are are.

This had me thinking about how we have to look at the clock to see if we should be hungry or look at the time to see if we should be tired. Perhaps I have been giving sleep far more credit than it’s due.

Now, I need to preface all of this by saying that I don’t have TV and tend to be late to the table when it comes to something worthy that the masses are following. The Lambert Effect is probably known to most of you, but new to me.

Fun – An essential part of good health

Fun might be equally essential to our well-being.

What are the symptoms of a fun deficiency? Boredom, lack of curiosity, illness, fatigue, talking about your mutual funds when in social situations.

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Cantilation is a word that describes energizing activities that boost our vitality. Doing something that ignites passion will feed you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

My experiment: Can fun replace sleep?

It took binge watching all one season of American Idol for me to test this hypothesis.

The Lambert Effect

I was reviewing music videos and I came upon a You Tube video with a young vocalist, Adam Lambert performing with Queen. This in turn led to a video showing his first audition, which led to a summary of all his American Idol performances.

He kept being accused of being ‘too theatrical’.

This only made sense to me when I watched what the others were doing; standing in one place and…singing.

This is how I started watching each of the weeks he was in the contest, which led to research about how his performances opened up the ‘performance’ quality of all subsequent seasons, on all the music contest programs.

Lambert worked it; he blocked the stage and used every inch of it.

I looked at an interview where an American Idol crew said that Lambert gave suggestions about the stage and lighting and such, which no other contestant ever did.  He used stairs (OMG!) which was a new element.
Lambert changed and upped the game for subsequent seasons of the show.

He performed with Brian May (lead guitar for Queen) and Queen on the American Idol. May kept glancing at Lambert during the performance. He looked really amused and interested in Lambert. He didn’t look at the other Idol contender at all. I knew that Lambert was later hired to perform on tour with Queen (really, who else could fill Freddie Mercury’s shoes).

Brian May is actually Dr. May, an Astrophysicist, who started playing in the band with the his own hand built electric guitar. May is a really smart guy and got me thinking about what does an astrophysicist do? So I looked up Dr. May on Wikipedia.

“May has authored and co-authored a number of books over his career, including MgI Emission in the Night Sky Spectrum (1972), Indonesian Tragedy (1978), Brian May: Back to the Light (1993), Bang! The Complete History of the Universe (2007), A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud (2008), A Village Lost and Found: “Scenes in Our Village” by T. R. Williams. An Annotated Tour of the 1850s Series of Stereo Photograph(2009), Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell (2013), Brian May’s Red Special (2013), and How to Read the Solar System: A Guide to the Stars and Planets (2015), to name just a few. In 2016, he published his latest book, Crinoline: Fashion’s Most Magnificent Disaster.”

And I saw the sun rise

I was still looking at Queen videos, thinking about Einstein and wondering about the secrets of the universe and wondering if the Young Einstein movie (1988) was available in full on line?

Funny enough, I wasn’t tired… at all.

I was so charged up I was vibrating. I thought I’d need to sleep all the day or at least nap. But I carried on through my whole day as usual, even using sharp objects without fear. I went to bed that night at my usual time. I fell asleep instantly and woke up at my usual time next morning.

I have been waiting for the lack of sleep to catch up on me. In 4 days, it has not.

My body is happy, my mind is sharp and I feel really excited and happy. My body doesn’t seem to be noticing the lost night’s sleep. It also doesn’t seem to realize I spent much of a 24 hour period sitting at my desk watching my computer monitor. I was having fun!

I lost a full night’s sleep. In my experiment I can’t ignore the Lambert factor.
Now, I have been extra disciplined around my nutrition in this past week.

I started having a smoothie for lunch every day that included antioxidants, Vege greens (Phosphatidyl complexes feed the brain) and essential fatty acids (essential fatty acids feed the brain).

My essential fatty acids are in the form of organic coconut oil, Super EFA fish oil (purified to remove environmental toxins) and fresh avocados.

My body is happy, my mind is sharp and I feel really excited and happy. My body doesn’t seem to be noticing the lost night’s sleep. I would go so far as to say that I didn’t need it.
Giving my curiosity free rein has been an interesting experience. After a full night of following my curiousity, my conclusion to this experiment is: that excitement can be equal to sleep.

If daily life becomes a pain, I think the Lambert Effect may be the cure.

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Disclaimer: All information in this article is for education purposes only. If you have health issues, please contact a reliable and qualified health care provider.
Bio PicNelda McEwen has been practicing as a Medical Intuitive in SW Ontario for over 25 years; counselling individuals and families, as well as offering her signature ICH training to other Medical Intuitives in the health field. Nelda’s professional research has been acknowledged and published in the Professional Kinesiology Practitioners Manual. The PKP program is recognized through the International Kinesiology College of Zurich Switzerland.

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