Spring – Time for Renewal

The coming moist hot days of spring are the best time to eat very simply, eat a little less, and show our body more care by adding cleansing tonics and fiber to our diet.Spring is the one time of year when we can design, direct, and improve our health.

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A little focused attention on your liver will have year long benefits

Right now we are experiencing the cold and damp days of spring, and it is often a puzzle as to what we should be eating. On the one hand we crave warm comfort foods such as soups, stews, and foods that are oven baked, but on the other we want to maximize the cleansing effect of the bitter foods for our livers sake.

One of my favourite meals for these cool spring days is fresh steamed artichokes with basmati rice and roasted beet salad. Artichokes are one of the bitter foods which the liver likes but it is also one of the few foods that actually build the liver.

For extra cool rainy days I would also consider adding a warming vegetarian version of Paneer Matter which has a spicy sauce.

Food as Medicine

I also like avocados at this time of year. They are light but nourishing and have substance. If you have issues with dry skin, avocados are a wonderful way of internally restoring lubrication to this vital organ.

Avocados contain about 141 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition including Essential Fatty Acids, glutathinone and Vitamin C. They help to feed the nervous system, brain, hormones, endocrine glands, joints and skin.

The whole digestive tract is governed by the liver. This multi-purpose gland is located just beneath the ribs on your right side. The busy liver also works to filter the blood, biodegrade hormones and balance aspects of the immune system. The large intestine is the last process in the liver/digestive system.

When bowel transit time is slow, many people experience chronic sinus/bronchial congestion, laborious digestion, lymph congestion, or various skin issues. Surprisingly, when questioned, most people consider their bowel elimination to be good even when they experience these signs of overload.

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Extended fasting, and aggressive herbal cleanses are not for everyone. This is an area where the personal and genetic constitution determines how a person’s body can handle releasing toxic accumulation on a cellular and system level.

Some thoughts about Gall Bladders

Some thoughts about Gall Bladders

Most conventional care givers don’t inform us of the dark side of organ loss, Whereas Holistic care looks at the underlying issues and chronic concerns. Truly our bodies have no spare parts. Our gall bladders store extra nutrition as a reserve until the body needs it.

When the gall bladder is removed it doesn’t grow back. That’s it! We will spend the rest of our lives as nutritional cripples. Our body can no longer emulsify fats of any kind, good or bad (think about the effect of soap on fats). After the gall bladder is removed, one must supplement with bile salts for the rest of their lives.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) are ‘essential’ nutrition to feed our brains, spinal and nervous system. They feed our glands (thyroid, adrenal) and nourish our connective tissue and skin. They are called essential because our body doesn’t manufacture them. Unless we ingest these, we don’t get them. One must supplement with pre-emulsified Essential Fatty Acids for the rest of one’s life.

Another thing to consider is that when our gall bladders are amputated, the stump still remains and can still contain stones and gravel and cause us distress.

Our liver will still continue to drip bile into our digestive tract, and whereas the gall bladder would hold this in reserve until it was needed for fat digestion, the constant drip of bile is very irritating to the gut.

Some people have a genetic predisposition to stones and gravel, kidneys, liver/gall bladder and joints. Some people experience pressure from parasites in the gall bladder. Parasites love to hide and the gall bladder as well as the appendix is a real hidey-hole for parasites. Even though the stones are there, the question is what causes the pressure.

Symptoms of Liver/Gall Bladder Stress

Some symptoms of Liver and Gall Bladder Stress may include:

  • Fats or greasy foods cause nausea, headaches, distress
  • Onions, cabbage, radishes, and cucumbers cause bloating, gas
  • Skin oily on nose and forehead
  • Consistent gas and bloating, regardless of what was eaten
  • Long history of constipation
  • Bad breath, bad taste in mouth, or body odour

Gall Bladder Attacks are a warning

Unless the gall bladder is narcotizing, there is still hope. Gall bladder attacks are a warning that something more fundamental to your lifestyle and habits has to change.

There are many natural approaches that are effective in recovering our liver/gall bladder health. My advice is to find out what is going on with you and what specific steps you can take to reverse the problem.

What are your favourite cleanses? Any home recipes? I’d love to hear about it.

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Bio PicNelda McEwen has been practicing as a Medical Intuitive in SW Ontario for over 25 years; counselling individuals and families, as well as offering her signature ICH training to other Medical Intuitives in the health field. Nelda’s professional research has been acknowledged and published in the Professional Kinesiology Practitioners Manual. The PKP program is recognized through the International Kinesiology College of Zurich Switzerland.