Your doctors says there is nothing wrong with you. If you are neither ill enough to get your doctor’s attention, nor well enough to ignore your body’s signals, there is a reason why.

Please indulge me for just a moment. This will take a little history lesson to put this all in perspective.

Your doctor doesn’t know anything about gaining health

Here is where most people go wrong when they choose conventional health care exclusively. This medical viewpoint assumes that you have one health problem based on a symptom that must be silenced. The further assumption is that a medication or a knife is going to resolve this issue.

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You will never resolve a health issue within a mindset that only entertains the removal of symptoms

Allopathic care is only one of many other health modalities

Your medical doctor is an Allopath. Allopathy is rather new to the world of healing. I get a chuckle when people call it ‘Traditional’.

From the early to mid-1800’s Allopathic medicine emerged as the primary Western medical model. To be accurate, those who practice modern conventional medicine are Allopathic Reductionists. They see the trees rather than the whole forest.
At this same time in history, homeopathy and naturopathy were very popular and widely used. One of my favourite scenes in the movie ‘Little Women’ is the girls looking through a homeopathic book trying to find the right remedy for poor little Beth who was sick with a fever. They mentioned ‘Belladonna’. This was the right remedy; she was spiking a fever, was flushed and delirious, and had a hot upper body and cold feet.
In 1848, the allopathic reductionist practitioners organized and created the American Medical Association. With organization they gained political dominance. At that time, many of the remedies used were herbs in common usage, such as foxglove (Digitalis), valerian root (Valium), red clover (Coumadin).
The discovery of antibiotics really started the pharmaceutical industry ball rolling. Over time drugs using synthetic ingredients (that could be patented) replaced the botanical originals.

If your care has been exclusively medical, you are guaranteed to be in a tangle, struggling from the over- use of drugs, vaccines and antibiotics. Each of these treatments have slapped down and blocked your body’s natural healing functions. The absence of symptom is the medical goal but in my experience, it falls far short of a healing outcome.

Many people proclaim that alternative health care is quackery and it makes no sense; it’s not scientific. My truth is that alternative health care is very scientific; your life is supposed to make sense to you. Alternative health care bravely answered my burning questions … why.

Holistic vs Reductionist

The holistic view recognizes that you are somewhere on your time line and something is amok. You are working with the consequence of a cascade of occurrences, body responses and subsequent treatments.

Here is an easy example

If I notice that my digestion feels off, right away I am ticker-taping through what I’ve ingested within the last 24/48 hours. I am also looking for something to improve my liver and digestive function ASAP. Within minutes, I am reaching for a remedy that I know and trust. If it isn’t giving me ease, I research again for another approach.

What threw me fully into alternative health care

I come from a family of teachers (Principals and Vice Principals) and nurses and other than being very healthy eating oriented, I exclusively doctored.

I was living on a horse farm where I was having digestive issues that weren’t going away…so my thinking was along the lines of parasites or something I picked up from the livestock.

I went to my local clinic to get some answers and the doctor on duty that particular day, suggested I had increasing digestive issues because I was a woman and women are hysterical!
I was stunned! (time warp to Victorian England)

At this time I was contemplating making an appointment with an alternative health practitioner in my area. God bless em’ this one idiot tipped the scales in favour of natural health for me in a big way.

I went to the herbalist and got to the root of my digestive distress.

Any success that I have achieved in my health and well-being is because I kept exploring the ‘why’ in the context of natural healing alternatives.

My encouragement to you

“One reason holistic healing is so hard to pin down is that it represents an attitude toward health and healing, rather than specific treatments or therapies….We must recognize that we are not just a collection of mechanical parts, but an integrated system with physical. emotional, mental, spiritual and social aspects which function in a [whole and relational] way.”

~Dr Richard Moss

My encouragement to you is to back up and look at the function of your body. What is it trying to do for you? What’s right about your body and what you are noticing? What is the wisdom in it? What is it asking for you to do or change?

You could medicate the problem, cut out the problem, or fix the problem by using a whole different lens; one that sees the whole forest rather than just one tree.

Are you serious about improving your health?


Many people say they don’t have the money, or they aren’t smart enough…

You have what it takes if you have the need, the faith and the determination to take the first step.

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Disclaimer: All information in this article is for education purposes only. If you have health issues, please contact a reliable and qualified health care provider.
Image of Nelda McEwenNelda McEwen has been a practising Medical Intuitive in SW Ontario for over 28 years integrating her background in iridology, specialized kinesiology, holistic nutrition, herbal therapies, homeopathic drainage, flower essence therapy, radionics and electron frequency analysis. 

There is only one question worth asking: 

What’s really going on with you and what you can do about it? She is a veritable ‘Sherlock Holmes’, ‘energetically ‘sorting’ to the hidden root causes of illness that many other therapies overlook. Insight and practical knowledge combine to give actionable clarity; from the esoteric right down to the cellular.

Nelda’s professional research has been acknowledged and published in the Professional Kinesiology Practitioners Manual. The PKP program is recognized through the International Kinesiology College of Zurich Switzerland. Her signature Integrated Channels of Healing Programs is geared to expand the knowledge base in natural healing and energy healing for budding Medical Intuitives and professional health providers.