I Love Mysteries ~

You know the part where all the detectives are stumped?

They are just milling about trying to solve their case

By making stuff up!

They just want to write it up

sew it up

and roll on

But the truth is -

They can’t see outside their own limited beliefs

 Close the File & Done Deal Right?

Then Sherlock deer-stalks into town  

and within minutes

He blows everybody’s theory out of the water!

 deer stalker2

A diagnosis may be a convenient explanation

BUT ~ It doesn’t tell you

the ‘why’

or ‘how’

or ‘what’

To the conventional mind,

you are processed and case closed

Welcome to the Unconventional Mind

Sherlock has looked at the evidence

But sees a different set of variables.

He is weaving the clues.

I am Your Modern Day Sherlock Holmes

In this lifetime you have been given this unique possibility 

This great body for you to live in, and experience all that life has to offer

It is designed to carry your dreams and plans

A container designed to manifest your gifts, vision and  purpose

To feel your greatest passion and express your greatest joy ~

It is the perfect vehicle for your mind and spirit

This is so amazing ~ 

But there is one problem

If anything goes amok!

You’re given an opinion in Greek

a body part in Latin


a pat


a pill

Somehow, you are left no better & no wiser ~

If you are tired of struggling with limited solutions ~

Bring in a Health Detective

“After a breakthrough session all the aspects from the spiritual right to cell chemistry are in front of me. I feel capable and empowered to take personal action.”
Patti Robertson, Interior designer, health therapist, mother and grandmother
I credit Nelda with my improved health and well-being. I think of Nelda as a life coach as well as a healer.She has a wealth of knowledge and a strong intuitive understanding.
Anne Little, Musician, Choir Director
“The insights you gave me 20 years ago were right on. Thank you for the seeds of insight that have germinated.”
Sue Sabijan , Psychologist, Parapsychology Research Consultant
“I’ve been making myself so sick because I’m ignoring my feelings because they aren’t pleasant. And it’s caused so many problems. I’ve decided that this is exactly what I need”
Amanda Chelsea, Student, Artist, Leader, Visionary
How can I thank you for such a wonderful gift of the Vital Energy Health Assessment? I have a whole new appreciation and direction to take my health and vitality to make it soar.
If anyone reading this is hesitant to book with Nelda I am here to say “Please don’t delay. There is a reason you are thinking of getting your assessment. Follow your instincts and get the answers.”
Nelda, you are simply amazing and I am honoured by your presence in my life. Blessings.
Donna Rochon, Wellness Consultant
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